David 8
21 September 2014 @ 09:39 pm
[Private to Mira]

I need to speak with you.


[David is in his room, standing in front of the giant window, which is currently just displaying the stars outside the Barge instead of one of the artificial environments it usually shows. He looks... normal, really, just like David usually does, but there's something a little bit different about this message.

It's the last one he's planning on making for quite a while.]

I am four years, three months, and twenty four days old.

[One corner of his mouth lifts in an almost annoyed smirk.] I am aware I don't especially look, or act my age.

In my world, I'm certain I would be considered obsolete by now, with or without my creator. Other models were already in production by the time the first David 8 was released. Before I arrived on this ship, I had only been interacting regularly with humans face to face for a few days. I have been on board for one year, eleven months, and six days.

[He's boiling down to one message, and it's simple and difficult to admit, because it means admitting he's wrong, and he's never wanted to do that.]

I'm leaving.

[So there's that.]

I've discussed my departure with Mira, and Erik had offered me a place in his world. I don't believe I am capable of helping an inmate until I better understand what it means to be an individual, instead of someone who is only beginning to understand it himself.

[Because he is one, he's always known that, but he doesn't really understand how to help give Mira a purpose when he doesn't really have one of his own. He can empathize, but he can't really help.

Maybe he'll be back. But for now, he knows this is for the best.]
David 8
07 September 2014 @ 05:11 pm
[So David doesn't often lie. He just often bends the truth, and intentionally misleads people, because he's an asshole and he might have promised to be better behaved, but he still enjoys that much.

And this flood has apparently decided to call attention to that in a particularly strange way.

Meaning his nose is now like, a foot long. And will probably be getting longer without the assistance of a fairy or a witch or something.]

This is terribly inconvenient. [That's true at least.


It's been more than a year. I would appreciate it if I would be rewarded with my humanity, now, Fairy.

[He doesn't sound demanding, though. More plaintive, honestly, which is definitely new for him.]

[ooc: Basically David is Pinocchio. 8v]
David 8
20 August 2014 @ 07:11 pm
This is David.

[Other people have explained where and what this is. Adding to it is more or less completely unnecessary.

There are few people he's interested in speaking to: a long time ago, he might have wanted to talk to Weyland. Rub it in his face. Now, he doesn't really care.]

If anyone is familiar with Mira Hidalgo, I would be interested in speaking with you.

[And then there's another pause, long enough to be noticeable, maybe too short to be considered significant.


David 8
16 August 2014 @ 04:58 pm
Mira Hidalgo is in a coma.

[David doesn't sound crushed, or sad, really. Pensive, maybe.

He is a little bummed, though. He knew he wouldn't be an especially good warden, but it has been slightly frustrating to realize how little he's able to actually accomplish here. He likes Mira, but he has been wondering if she might benefit from someone else.

Someone who actually understands what it's like to be human.]

I will continue to monitor her in the hopes she wakes up.

[It kind of sounds like he's not especially interested in adding anything else, but apparently he decides better of it.]

It is highly inadvisable to go wakeboarding off the back of the ship.

[JUST SAYING, Chris what are you.]
David 8
18 July 2014 @ 11:33 pm
[David is tinkering in the cybernetic maintenance facility when the transmission starts, and glances up only briefly to make certain the comm is actually on before going back to work. Whatever he's tinkering with, it looks like a fairly standard computer mainframe, but it's not really important, or why he's addressing the rest of you right now.

His robotic tarantula skitters in front of the video feed quickly before going off screen.]

In my world, at this point, there are likely several hundred if not several thousand other David 8 androids, working in factories and laboratories, hospitals, space ships... Wherever we might be of use. [They'd been designed to seamlessly integrate themselves into just about any workforce. As long as you can afford one, anyone could purchase one. It's never seemed that strange to him, in an abstract way, even if a part of himself has always slightly resented feeling less than one of a kind.

Maybe more than slightly. But the frustration usually wasn't turned towards his fellow androids.

In any case, he straightens up, brushes a hand through his hair - more than a little vainly, clearly trying to make sure it's still perfectly in place (it is) - before carefully moving the project off camera. His focus is entirely on his audience now, and the smile that forms is somewhere between polite and bitter.

Very bitter.]

I wouldn't consider them family. I don't even know if the others are capable of what I am. It's quite possible that there is an aberration in my programming that allows me to exhibit some form of free will my creator never intended, while the others are - by his standards - perfect.

[And there's a flash of teeth as he continues, making him look just a little predatory, like the idea still seems kind of nice to him, some days.]

Or Earth might be undergoing a widespread upheaval. It's been several years since I was there.

[You never know.

He changes tracks quickly, because that's not really the point of what he wanted to say, even if he does sort of enjoy considering what might have been, sometimes. He won't do it, but fantasy and reality are two very different things.]

The closest thing I have to a sibling is my creator's illegitimate daughter. Meredith Vickers. During our most recent flood, I looked exactly like her. And while I was affected, I believed she was male, and appeared as I do, now.

[How messed up is that, right?]

He was dissatisfied with her because she was female, and with me because I lacked a soul. She thought of me as a tool and a distraction from the attention she deserved. I effectively condemned her to die with the others before the Admiral thought to intervene.

What are your families like?
David 8
11 July 2014 @ 07:54 pm

[So, you know who wins the award for most unfazed, actually looks almost exactly the same as they always do person on the Barge right now?

David. Or Davina, as some of you might remember her as. Her hair's the same color, her expressions are exactly the same - she's even wearing the same weird fascist uniform suit thing he's always wandering around in. With flip flops. Why? Don't ask.

Actually, okay, unfazed might not be the right word, because there's a slight crease to her brow that makes her look a little pissed off. Or thoughtful. Or both.]

In perusing the network's audio and visual records, I found my male counterpart is virtually identical to my creator's illegitimate son, Michael Vickers. [Who Davina has not had an especially friendly relationship with. At all. Ever.

You can probably tell from her tone of voice. Fuck that guy.]

Has anyone else recognized their counterparts?

David 8
23 June 2014 @ 05:40 pm
[David's comm clicks on and shows a badly illuminated cave wall from what appears to be the cave floor for a few seconds before static-ing out. A second or two later, it fades back in, wobbles again, and then seems to decide that yes, it does want to work, apparently.

Unfortunately, the audio's still shot, and it's not helped by the fact that David's voice sounds a little... tinnier than usual?

Or maybe it's just the comm.

(Spoiler alert: it's not.)

In any case, he's not in the frame at all, although there's a faint shadow on the wall that seems to be his arm, or an arm anyway, twitching with a sort of mechanical confusion.]

-- alone on this planet. The natives-- [The video goes black and white, and then flickers out again, but comes back on a beat or two later.] kindly to strangers. Tread wi-- caution.

[They'd descended on him, when they'd seen what he looked like, and once again mastery of every spoken language in human history going back to their creators meant less than nothing. He's irritated more than anything, because being decapitated and still awake isn't really the ideal situation to be, no matter what your other circumstances.]

Mi-- if you could---- be appreciated.

[The signal holds on for long enough for everyone to get a good peek at the shadow of that miserably flailing arm before it finally just warps and cuts out entirely.]

[Spam for Babs]

[Which leaves him with the unfortunate reality of his situation: immobile, alone, and with more or less no distinguishing features to guide anyone to his location. He'd been doing his best to map the cave system while searching for the others from the Barge (what few people he cares about, anyway), but it's large enough that he doubts descriptions or maps of whatever formations he's cataloged would do him much good.

So he's stuck here, with lubricant and oil dripping from his mouth - it's milky white and frankly pretty gross looking, you've probably seen him drinking glasses of it in the dining hall under the pretext of being "normal" - and more or less completely at the mercy of whoever finds him first. Without being able to control his body more than the minimal movement he's managing right now - it's like a turtle on its back - he's stuck here until someone decides to drag him along.

Or put him out of his misery, however temporarily.]
David 8
13 June 2014 @ 09:46 pm

[David's comm clicks on and- hey. That looks like Erik, actually. Like, more than usual.

If Erik has picked up medieval fantasy LARPing since graduating, anyway. You never know, stranger things have happened.

But this is David, and those of you familiar with flood counterparts will know him as David Snow, a member of the Night's Watch from Westeros with some serious daddy issues.

He's standing in his room - an ultra modern, still a little scifi looking place even with the floor to ceiling bookshelf on one wall and the grand piano off to David's left, and he looks very out of place here in his furs. He definitely looks like he feels out of place, and is currently sporting an expression that's a fair bit more emotive than what you should be used to from him.]

I've explained that I'm a member of the Night's Watch, [He starts, and the snowy mountains behind him on the view screen might make those of you familiar with his world think hey, that probably looks more or less right.] It wasn't a task I was especially enthusiastic about- [It actually sounds like it was the exact opposite of that.] But I took the oath because I didn't have a choice. While my bitch of a sister could fuck whoever she wanted to secure herself as our father's successor, I swore to live a celibate life, freezing my balls off on some god forsaken wall because I'm a bastard, and I was made to believe I had no other option.

It doesn't seem as though my counterpart has faired much better.

[And he is pisssssedddddd.]

Until this flood passes, [And he sounds so disinterested while also irritated that maybe he does sound like the David you know and worship (?) after all.] I will be in need of somewhere to sleep.

[ooc: David is from A Song of Ice and Fire, a member of the Night's Watch, and might have tried to let the White Walkers murder everyone because fuck you, Dad.

He's thinks he's here as an inmate again because david what the fuck stop]
David 8
28 May 2014 @ 09:29 pm
[David looks... unsettled. Which is saying something, considering his usual emotional range seems to be self satisfied smirking to completely disinterested smirking, and that's about it.]

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who is still presently on board the ship.

[Because he might have wished that he didn't have to deal with most of you, and now he can't see or hear about 80% of the people on board anymore.

Feel free to have him bump into you sometime! Literally. He can't see you. Someone should come up with a tagging system.]
David 8
09 May 2014 @ 09:13 pm
Good evening.

[David smiles politely at the camera, and it looks eerier than he intends it to be. The screen casts strange shadows on his face, as it's the only light available on the lower decks, and so he looks a little like a kid telling a ghost story in the dark with a flashlight to show their face.]

The lower decks are still experiencing a complete power outage, which I have been unable to repair. [He doesn't sound bothered by this, but he does feel badly about it. He's supposed to be capable of more than this, he's supposed to help. He can't exactly do that when no one understands how this place even works.]

If anyone requires anything from their cabin, or any of the other rooms located on levels six through eight, I will do my best to retrieve them.

I will continue to keep you all informed of any discoveries I make in the course of my investigation.

[He's been down here for a while already, and he is planning on coming back up, but for the time being, it's almost pleasant, to be away from the chaos of the rest of the Barge.

Sometimes it's advantageous to not technically being alive.]
David 8
25 April 2014 @ 06:05 pm
[David does not care about the flood. He doesn't care about the dolls, or the discomfort brought on by someone playing with his, or pretty much anything else people have been posting about over the last few days, because there's something more important going on.

In his opinion, anyway.

He attaches copies of these random conversations, and addresses the ship at large in something like his usual direct tone.]

The network appears to be malfunctioning again.

[And despite his casual tone, he's... curious.]

[Private to Ceres]

Once the flood has passed, I have a matter I would like to discuss with you.

[tl;dr Arthas talked to him.]

[Private to Mira]

[He's still really not sure what to say during something like this - don't hurt anyone feels patronizing and like something he wouldn't have appreciated hearing when he was an inmate - but dammit he is making an effort.]

Are you affected?
David 8
30 March 2014 @ 12:46 pm
[David knows there's a flood on, and he doesn't especially care. He's always been (more or less) truthful about his thoughts and opinions, especially in his time here. People often just don't ask the right questions.

He's in his cabin, the viewscreen behind him showing a desert again, not entirely dissimilar from the one he discovered in the CES a few days ago. His robotic spider sits on the back of the couch, staring at the camera with David, who looks pretty much the way he always does: placid, maybe a little bored, with a tiny bit of a sardonic smile lifting the corners of his mouth.]

In my time on this ship, I've found myself wondering what the experience of some of my counterparts has been. It should come as no surprise that my creators did not intend to give me anything truly resembling free will, but as they discovered, [And his smile gets a little sharklike.] Intention is not everything. Did the other David 8's on Earth experience the same growing resentment towards their creator that I did? Or did Peter Weyland play more of a role than he meant to?

[The smile softens a little, in that it becomes more amused than slightly aggressive.]

Those questions are rhetorical. Please don't feel obligated to provide an answer.

It's interesting - although probably not significant - that I am the only David 8 on board.

[ooc: David is affected!]
David 8
19 March 2014 @ 08:18 pm
[David isn't in the frame when the video feed clicks on. Instead, you're getting a more or less eye level view of the CES, which is currently flaunting a desert setting that looks like something out of the American south west.

It looks like he's alone, but then a little robotic spider - about the size and general shape of a tarantula - scuttles up a bush and faces the camera before carefully turning itself around to stare at the mesa. David doesn't comment on the spider's appearance or purpose there, and instead just starts talking in the familiar, almost emotionless cadence most Barge residents should be familiar by now.]

The research team I was assigned to visited a planet that didn't look much different from this. Less striking colors, but fairly similar features. [He sounds almost nostalgic... if he's capable of being nostalgic.]

Of course, if the CES chose to recreate that environment perfectly, anyone human who attempted to enter it would suffocate in minutes, assuming you were lucky enough to avoid the dust storms with clouds made predominantly of shards of glass.

[And then there's just silence for a long moment. The spider doesn't move until the bush it's sitting on is disturbed by a breeze, and then it turns around to face the camera, staring.

It's a little creepy.]

I had never been in the CES before today.

[Private to Mira]

You're welcome to join me, if you're in need of a change in scenery.
David 8
28 February 2014 @ 08:13 pm

So this is happening, and he's still not entirely certain he knows what he's doing. Not that - in his experience, anyway, because he's hated most of the wardens he's known here - that seems to be something that disqualifies you from being a warden to an inmate, rather than just a warden on board the ship, but it's still strange, to think he's responsible for someone else now.

This is a lot more complicated than making sure a few cryopods didn't fail during travel, or just doing a decent thing for someone you care for.

He decides to address something less bizarre first.]

I would like to thank everyone for the hospitality they showed towards Dr. Shaw during the flood. [Except for you, Chris, but David isn't one to hold a grudge over something like that when he likes you, anyway.

He knows some people would put the rest of this behind a filter, but there's no reason to pretend that he wouldn't do something like this.]

And if anyone has any information they'd like to share with me about Ms. Hidalgo, I would be interested to hear it.

[Private to Mira]

We should speak.
David 8
22 February 2014 @ 11:20 pm

[Although Elizabeth hasn't exactly been up for exploring the ship - at least not until now, anyway, she'd sort of been recovering from major surgery before she'd gotten here, and she's still very, very shellshocked by, well. All of this, really - she's noticed enough chatter on the network to know that this is another event like the one that brought her here in the first place, and it's either completely different or crossing over with the one she'd been here for yesterday. Or something.

She'd be lying if she said any of this fit in with her idea of how time and space was supposed to work.

In any case, she's back in David's room, sitting on the couch in front of the large viewscreen. Today it's showing the orange rolling hills of a desert, maybe the Sahara, and the sky is almost too blue to be real. It's a stark contrast to the white, silver and blacks of the cabin itself. She tries to manage a smile, but it winds up looking more like a grimace.]

Does anyone have any spare clothes they wouldn't mind lending me? David's don't exactly fit. I'll be sure he has them cleaned for you once this... "flood" is over. [She's still wearing borrowed hospital scrubs, and it's only adding to her intense discomfort of being here, and not knowing how long this is going to last for.]

... I'm Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, and I've been told I'm here for David, for the time being. I already know he's an inmate here, [Her voice wobbles despite her best efforts to stop it.] If someone here is responsible for him, I have a few questions I would like to ask.

David 8
17 January 2014 @ 08:25 pm
[David looks pretty much the same as he always does, standing in his room with the video feed turned on. There's no physical difference, and sometimes, it seems like there isn't much mental or emotional difference, either, but he knows how much he's changed. He's much more... content now, and he knows if given a second chance, he would do things much differently.]

I thought it prudent to announce that I've graduated. Erik has offered me a place in his world, once I'm ready to leave the Barge. [And it's an offer he's definitely planning on taking him up on once he is ready to leave.]

But for the time being, [He does have one thing he'd been willing to stay here for.] I've chosen to stay.

I'm very much looking forward to working with all of you.

[He smiles, and it's definitely still more than a little smug - some things probably won't ever chance - but it's a little softer. Less like he might steal your kidney.]

And I don't think I ever properly thanked you for your gift, Chris. It's quite... something.

[Private to the Admiral]

I would like a key to both the Infirmary and the Laboratory, please.
David 8
09 January 2014 @ 03:18 pm
[The last time David did this, he didn't hear from anyone from his world, and he isn't exactly optimistic about things being any different this time around. Then again, there are very few people he'd actually like to talk to from his world - well, just one - so perhaps it's not something to be especially broken up about.

It's actually a pretty decent argument for just ignoring this whole thing and going about business as usual, but he'd be vaguely curious to hear from a few people who have come and gone - well, just one - so eventually, he does get around to making his own recording.

He's sitting in his room in his usual gray uniform, unfortunately not at an angle where you can see the awesome mural Chris had installed as a Christmas gift. That's going to be the subject of another post because seriously, what even.]

This is David. If there is anyone out there, I would be interested in speaking with you.

[Sort of, anyway.]
David 8
22 December 2013 @ 02:04 pm
[David is sitting on a couch in his cabin, with the view screen behind him showing a snowy mountain landscape that really just makes the entire room look even more monochrome and stark than it already does. As he's wearing his gray uniform and generally looks a little pale and washed out all the time anyway, he definitely sort of looks like an appliance designed for the room rather than someone who just happens to be living here.

Point that out to him and he might poison your drink, though.]

As there seems to be some confusion about this, I thought it might be best to provide those curious with a brief explanation as to why the Admiral has chosen to celebrate Christmas in December.

Although there is a fair amount of evidence that the historical man known as Jesus was, in fact, not born on December 25th, the popular theory is that the holiday was established as taking place to adapt a more ancient pagan custom. Further evidence suggests that the date might actually have a greater connection to ancient Jewish tradition and Passover.

Regardless of when or why this custom was established, there is no question that the origin of Christianity is the Middle East, and the increased spread and popularity of the religion occurred in Europe, which was then passed along to the Americas during European colonization of the region. While I understand that customs vary across the globe, those complaining that their version is somehow better or more legitimate, and the Admiral is biased towards Americans or Europeans are at least somewhat incorrect. He is simply following the more common origins of the tradition, rather than the later adaptations adopted by cultures that were introduced to the custom long after its inception.

[His slightly smug expression fades a little, turns almost contemplative.]

I wonder if my crewmates would have cared more about awakening from hypersleep on Christmas had they known it would be their last.

[Private to the Admiral]

gifts for Erik, Chris, Abigail, Chromie, the Emperor, Aeryn, Ben, Hannibal and Barbara )